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Create fast, build for success with smart components

Use smart components built for Reins ecosystem.
Compatible with any React framework.

Companies that use BetterTyped software.
The quality first platform

Lower complexity and costs

Automate, improve and optimize the programming of the features

Type-safe and predictable
Great DX
Flexible ecosystem
The quality first platform

By bringing the best of React

With tools that magically integrate with your requirements

Create applications from A-Z
Good and safe practices
Gain the technical advantage
The quality first platform

For any kind of business

Complete freedom and transparency for long lasting cooperation

Use domain-specific modules
Iterate fast and safely
Outsource technical complexity
The quality first platform

To build more in record time

Gain advantage by shipping more in record time

Ship fast
Integrate progressively
Be ready for success


Reins is a set of tools and components to help you build enterprise-grade web applications faster and easier.

Access controls

Advanced hooks for role-based access and authentication.


Packages for animating your components and pages on scroll.


Generate documentation from your TypeScript code with rich customization options.


Advanced theming system to adjust the app as you need.

Data Grids

Powerful data grids with built-in sorting, pagination and filtering.


Storefront for your app with built-in cart, checkout and many components.

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Build with Reins

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